Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tutorial : Zombie Chick (Animated)

Supplies Needed:
Paint Shop Pro
Animation Shop
Tube of choice: I used "Rockstar" by Danny Lee HERE
Scrapkit "Zombie Girlz" by Designs by Sarah at Pimp My Tags w/ Scraps HERE

This tutorial requires intermediate to advanced knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop.

Step 1:
In PSP, create a new 750 X 600 transparent canvas. Open a frame of choice from the scrap kit. Copy and paste the frame onto your blank canvas. Resize the frame by 80% and rotate it to the left by 10 degrees. If you use a different frame than the one I used, you might not want to use the exact same settings. You can play around with what looks best to you. I also moved the frame over to the right side of the canvas a bit. Next, take your magic wand and click inside the center of the frame to select it. Expand the selection by 4 pixels. Open a paper of choice from the scrap kit then copy and paste it onto the selection. Invert selection and delete. Move the paper layer below the frame layer. 

Step 2:
Open your tube of choice in PSP. Copy and paste the tube onto your canvas. Resize your tube if needed and position it in the middle of the frame. Duplicate the tube layer and move it underneath the frame layer. so your layers should be like this :tube, frame, tube, paper. Close off the top copy of the tube. Take your freehand selection tool (point-to-point) and select the bottom area of the tube that is sticking out under the frame like shown below (be sure to carefully select right along the bottom edge of the inside of the frame) then delete.

Open back up the top tube layer. Add a drop shadow of 3,3, 59, 9. Now delete the selection and select none. Add the same drop shadow to the frame.

Step 3:
Now it's time to add some elements from the kit to add a background to the tag. I used several of the elements from the kit. You can use those or use from brushes or masks to create a cool background for your tag. You don't have to do it exactly the same way that I did, but you can if you want. Add all of these elements in layers underneath the paper layer. Now is also the time when you want to add any other elements from the kit to decorate your tag. I went a little minimal on this tag because I wanted to concentrate on the animation. You can add whatever you want but if you want to do the animation make sure you leave room for the zombie cupcake like shown in my tag. Add the name and copyright information to the tag. Then last, add the cupcake like shown in my tag. I resized it down by 70%.

If you do not wish to animate your tag then you can stop here and save it. If you want it animated then continue on with the tutorial.

Step 4:
Close off the cupcake layer and merge visible all the other layers. Open the cupcake layer back up and duplicate it twice, so that you have 3 cupcake layers. Rename the top one "original", the next one "eye squeeze" and the last one "finger wiggle". Close off the "original" layers and the "finger wiggle" layers. Click on the "eye squeeze" layer. Using the guides in the image below and your warp brush size 83, carefully push in a little bit of the hand on each side so that it looks like the eye is being squeezed. Apply the warp.

Close off the "eye squeeze" layer and open up the "finger wiggle" layer. Use your warp tool again to move the tip of the finger over a little bit like shown below.

The next few steps are going to require a lot of going back and forth between Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop.

Step 5:
Close off all cupcake layers except keep open the original layer. Copy merged your image. Open Animation Shop. Paste as new animation. Go back to PSP. Close off the original layer and open up the "eye squeeze" layer. Copy merged your image. Go back to Animation shop. Right click on the frame already there, paste after current frame. Now in animation shop, select both of the frames, then right click and copy. Now select the last frame then right click on it and paste after current frame. Go to the first frame and click on it then right click and copy, go to the last frame, select it, then right click and paste after current frame. 

Go back to PSP. Close off the "eye squeeze" and "original" layers and keep open the "finger wiggle" layer. Copy merged. Go back to Animation Shop, click on the last frame, right click and paste after current frame. Select the last 2 frames you now have in Animation Shop, right click and copy, then select just the last frame and paste after current frame. Go to the very first frame in the animation, copy it, go back to the very last frame, select it, right click and paste after current frame. You should have a total of 9 frames.

Select the first 4 frames all together, then right click and choose frame properties. Change the number in the box to 20 and click ok.

Play the animation to make sure it works! If it looks right and is working then you need to save it as a gif.


Thanks so much for trying out my tutorial! Anything that you make is your creation! The tutorial itself is my own personal creation and cannot be copied, changed, transferred, or translated and you cannot claim it as your own. You may not use my tutorials to create anything that will result in any monetary gain. You cannot copy and paste my tutorials onto any other website, blog, or social media. Feel free to share the link to my tutorials here on my blog!