Sunday, October 13, 2013


How would you like to win ALL of my products that I make for the rest of my designing career for FREE??

The "Win For Life" Raffle starts today and ends on Oct 20, 2013

Rules and How to enter!

1. Every purchase you make of $1 or more between 10/13-10/20 will get you ONE entry into the raffle. It has to be Grunge & Glitter products only at Pimp My Tags with Scraps!

2. Email me your purchase receipt to and I will keep track of the entries.

3. Special offers and promos will be going on during this time to help you earn more entries! A single person can get up to 10 entries in the raffle. I will be keeping track!

4. After 10/20/13, I will tally up all of the entries and pull names out of a bowl. Your name will be in the bowl as many times as entries you have earned. For example, if you earn 5 entries, your name will be in the bowl 5 times! The more entries you get, the more times your name is in the bowl, and the better chance you have at winning!

There will be 2 winners chosen and I will announce the winners on my blog and on my Facebook page :) 

Please note: You have to have made a purchase of at least $1 during the dates above for any of your entries to count. It's a raffle and you are basically buy a raffle ticket! You can earn many free entries but they won't count unless you have spent at least $1 in the store and sent me the receipt.


I will be having some Buy My Store specials that will earn you extra entries into this raffle. I will also be having random contests and opportunities on my Facebook page for you to win more entries! Keep a look out of my Facebook Page HERE

If you have any questions you can email me at the address above or send me a message on Facebook! 

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